Thursday, February 4, 2010

Today is the Last Day to Give President Obama a Grade on His First Year

As you can see at the Free & Strong America PAC today is the last day to give President Obama a grade for his first year in office.

Here is my favorite so far:

"Since I am only 22 and rely mostly on what I’ve read and heard about previous administrations, I won’t compare President Obama to others. Instead, I will hold him to a standard of what I expect from my President. I expect my President to keep his campaign promises. I expect my President to tell the American People the truth. I expect my President to explain why he can’t answer a question if he can’t and to never make up an answer he thinks will gain him popularity. I expect my President to take ownership of his share of the blame and praise for the state of our country. I expect my President to make the tough decisions that will determine the future of this country and to not pass off his responsibilities to others. According to all of these measures, my President has failed and I HOPE he CHANGEs soon." - Ross Abraham