Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney (and Feel Good About It!)


My guess is very few people who have followed Romney's run to the White House since 2008 are unfamiliar with the site EvangelicalsforMitt.com. The site's co-founders and principle authors David and Nancy French are known to many of us as well. For the few that are not yet familiar with this fine couple let me introduce you.

David French is a Harvard Law School graduate (with honors) and now works as a constitutional lawyer. David has written many op-eds, a number of which have been published at NRO. And, oh yeah, he joined the US Army in his mid 30's (while he had a wife and kids, and was enjoying a successful career) and served a 11-month tour in Iraq, during which he earned a Bronze Star. Nancy French is a best-selling author of several books. One of her works includes co-authoring Bristol Palin's recent book Not Afraid of Life. Nancy has appeared on many news shows in the course of her book-publishin' and Mitt-supportin'. Not least among Nancy's accomplishments is being a fine mother to three kids, one of whom is a beautiful girl recently adopted from Ethiopia.

evangelicals-for-mitt-the-bookThe thing best known about the French couple is that they have been stalwart supporters of Romney, particularly among the Evangelical community, since 2005. They now continue that streak by releasing a new book entitled Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney (And Feel Good About It), available for Kindle.

In the publication the David and Nancy describe how it is they came to support Governor Romney, including openly discussing common misgivings Evangelicals may have (as Nancy did) in supporting a Mormon candidate for President. They also lay down the facts regarding a number of Romney's policies and positions that are typically important to the Evangelical community, and why Romney should be their man. I found the last section to be very interesting as Nancy describes the "Mitt and Ann I Know." But I won't tell you about it... you've got to get it read it yourself.

The book is Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney (And Feel Good About It). It is only available for download (only $3) on Kindle or any device with a Kindle app. (It was a snap to downloaded mine on my iPhone). Get yours today and help David and Nancy share their valuable (and interesting) insight from an Evangelical perspective.


  • Introduction: "Sorry, but I'll Never Vote for Mitt Romney"

  • Mormon Mitt: Are Souls at Stake?

  • Is Mitt Romney a Moderate? His Battle for Life and Marriage

  • Massachusetts Health Care and Mitt Romney's Health Care Advantage

  • From Morality to Money: Fixing the Economy Without Compromising Core Values

  • Confronting Jihad: Mitt Romney Understands the Threat

  • An Opportunity for Friendship With Our Mormon Neighbors

  • Closing Argument: The Mitt and Ann I Know